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Gorgeous Halloween Wedding at Tyler Gardens | {Rachel & Dan}

As we have transitioned towards the new year, let me share one resilient and dedicated couple that is a true inspiration to always follow your dreams!

Their wedding was originally planned for 2020 but, you’ve guessed it, it was postponed. They were so patient to host their dream wedding, tailoring every detail diligently to reflect their vision. Finally, in 2021, they were able to celebrate with their favorite people.

For their reception, they threw one of the most exciting, energetic, and fun parties I have ever had the pleasure of capturing. All of their guests were wearing costumes, dancing the night away, and having the time of their lives! To spice things up, they had a contest where the best costume won. What an iconic way to start the new chapter in their lives.

I am reminded of the saying “good things come to those who wait”, and in this case, it completely encapsulates their special day. It was such a magical ceremony that we had the honor of portraying!

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