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Couple's Photoshoot Turned into a Surprise Proposal | Allentown, PA

Here’s another heartwarming surprise proposal that that almost caught me off guard. (second one in my career of almost 14 years as a photographer). Just the other day I had the pleasure of photographing Marta & Christopher’s couples session. Marta had done all the planning for the shoot, but little did she (or myself) know that Chris was planning a surprise proposal for her this whole time. And it happened so flawlessly. It was a cloudy day but somehow the sky cleared up just as we started their photo session. We were shooting and having fun as usual when Chris secretly waved the ring box at me when Marta wasn’t looking to give me a heads up. Minutes later he was down on one knee and surprised us all with this charming proposal. I’m so glad that I was able to witness and capture this special moment.

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