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Cinematic Engagement Photo Session Outdoors

Check out some of my favorites from this outdoor engagement photo shoot around sunset time. I met Michelle and Hannibal about 30 minutes before the sunset. I specifically planned this so that we could have enough time for both the golden hour as well as the blue hour. The blue hour is very under-rated in my opinion. I've captured some of my favorite photos in the blue hour just after the golden hour is over. The blue hour is perfect for capturing those cinematic couple's photos since it allows me to lower my shutter speed to match that of a movie camera (around 50 fps) while still staying wide open on my aperture (around f 1.4) for that silky smooth shallow depth of field. The lowered shutter speed helps capture the motion as you can see in some of the photos below. The key is to have the couple move as you follow them with the camera while keeping them roughly in the same spot in the frame (much like you would while shooting vide). For the photographers out there, hope this inspires you to get out there and experiment with your camera settings in the blue hour!

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