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Ordering a Wedding Album? You Should!

Wedding Album

The trick with wedding photos is that you look forward to them, right before your wedding photographer delivers them and then, since you have the digital pictures, you put off and put off ordering a wedding album. One thing I can guarantee you as a wedding photographer, is that there is a high likely hood of you not ordering an album after the wedding, if you have not included one with your original package. That’s just how the human mind works, and that’s what the statistics, at least in our wedding photography business shows.

Let’s all take a tiny trip into the future: a year, a full year after your wedding, you still had your wedding photos sitting in an album that you had picked out and loved from Hobby Lobby… just not put together. It’s a bride’s nightmare, I know. But let’s assume you’re already married and your priorities fell by the way side and got shifted to things like: “well, we’re moving soon anyway” or “let’s pay off that credit card balance first.” Then you break down and put it all together, only to notice that the print qualities aren’t exactly great. Just irritated with yourself that you have waited so much time; not counting all the stuff you bought thinking that scrapbooking was going to be your new hobby.

Young Book Wedding Album by GraphiStudio

Many wedding photographers are nowadays offering the far more cost effective option of digital-only copies. Bride and grooms can go out to print the wedding pictures on their own. And that’s how it should be. You deserve to have the right to choose where you want to print your wedding pictures. Depending on the lab though, the prints can range from great to terrible, at no fault to the photographer, but rather the printing lab. If I have any advice to give when dealing with your wedding photographer, if having your prints and album done through the wedding photographer directly is an option and one that you can afford… Do It! He or she will make sure the printed work is at its fullest potential and quality, not only to keep you happy, but also to best represent his/her own work. If you order a wedding album from Twilight Photo Video, you’re getting the book printed and handcrafted directly from GraphiStudio in Italy, one of the best album designers in the world! A far cry from the mistake many bride and grooms make; and these printed books are amazing and the quality is just luxurious.

Scrapbooking, the hobby of non-hobbyists!

While you may start out with good intentions, scrapbooking is not a hobby that actually has people stick around. It is the giant yarn ball of the tourist world, it lures people in your best believe it does but after a few minutes you begin to question how far out of the way this was.

Wedding albums should be a few things; first: classy, and nothing beats it. Second: timeless. And finally, not overly cluttered. Ordering an album through a service guarantees that your wedding photos are displayed in their best and can stand the test of time!

Contact your El Paso Wedding Photographer today to set up a consultation and don't forget to ask about wedding albums!

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