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Wedding Photography Problem: Candid or Posed Photos?

Candid or Posed?

Every bride-to-be has a number of questions that pops in unexpectedly about their wedding. I woke one morning and suddenly had an image of a wall full of terrible posed wedding photos that looked like they were from the 1960s after they’d announced the reception was at a funeral. Okay, that may have been in slightly poor taste but really, posed photos can look terrible… or amazing depending on your wedding photographer! I cannot emphasize enough how important a good photographer is. But, more important than your photographer’s skill level, is your ability to communicate! Know what you want and tell your wedding photographer!!!

Candids are the Best!

I can tell you, candid photos are amazing. There is no way that you’ll be able to see everything that happens at your wedding; if you’re having a very intimate ceremony and reception, you will miss something! But, with your wedding photographer and maybe their assistant walking around you will have the chance to go back and see what you missed. Over the course of a reception and ceremony there is so much going on, you’ll catch more genuine smiles, Aunt Marge’s stumble, and a cousin breaking a glass trying to initiate a toast. The moments that make weddings amazing that you don’t see articles about in Bride magazines are captured in candids. Not to mention that amazing El Paso sunset if you’re out here in Texas in an outdoor reception.

Capturing Memories, not fake smiles!

This is one of my biggest pet peeves and I’m the worst due to a medical condition where my resting face makes me look like I’m about to be put away for a soon-to-happen murder. Fake smiles are when the fun stops. You’ll be happy, I can almost guarantee it! Anything that goes wrong really won’t be that big of a deal and in the middle of everything happening you may not even realize that your dozens of sparklers are only one of your four theme colors. But, I cannot guarantee that every single one of your guest’s smiles will be nearly as genuine as yours. Simply out of everyone’s control. Now we’ve tracked back to how candids are so great.

Posed Keeps you from:

Half sneezes, yawns, an alcoholic beverage being in every picture, and guarantees that you’ll have a few photo’s that look like they could be stock wedding photos of those two gorgeous people all your friends know! Plenty of wedding photographers in El Paso will tell you that posed are traditional, and that this is just how wedding photos look. Don’t buy it! You can have your cake and eat it too!

Go for the 70/30 Split

The best wedding photographers (and there are a handful here in El Paso, TX) will tell you to go for a split between candid and posed. I suggest a 70/30, 70% candid and the 30% posed. You can have the traditional while also capturing the memories you actually made.

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