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What makes us the best Wedding Videographer in El Paso?

Love stories can be told in many ways…

Since the camera was invented, photographers have been invited to the most intimate of our celebrations: Weddings. There is nothing more warming than a collection of beautifully captured photographs of our happiest day: The gorgeous couple, the loving people, the breathtaking setting, the delicious food, the lively party… a narrative of pictures that together tell your own love story.

But why just stick to photographs when you can have your own wedding movie? If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much more your own Cinematic Wedding Video will give you!

We, the Twilight Photo Video crew, are the only wedding videographers in El Paso who have experience in bigger markets, and we use the best quality gear there is to capture your precious moments. We have many years of experience in photography as well as videography, and have made hundreds of brides and bridegrooms happy by providing outstanding and stylish, yet personal photos and videos to treasure for years to come.

For our Cinematic Wedding Videos, we use Steadicam Zephyr, which enables a smooth and professional camera motion. With the best gear and years of experience as wedding videographers, we are able to use the latest techniques used in top quality Hollywood productions. Get the popcorn, switch the lights off and get seated: your own Cinematic Love Story will be as good as ‘in the movies!’

With our creative expertise, and your personal preferences, we will produce a cinematic masterpiece for you to enjoy not just after your wedding, but for the rest of your life. It will be your own aesthetically pleasing and highly professional Love Story to cherish. Even your children will one day be able to laugh at the humorous speeches, the silly dances and feel the deep love shared by their parents. That’s something that is absolutely priceless!

We truly believe we are the best wedding videographers in El Paso, having all the latest technical gear and experience from hundreds of weddings in Austin, Houston, LA and Philadelphia.

Our aim is to capture, in a truly cinematic and beautiful way, those precious wedding moments when you are enjoying yourselves and having the time of your lives. We also offer pre-wedding cinematic video packages to capture the blossoming love you have for each other before the wedding.

So, let us help you create your own Cinematic Wedding Video in El Paso. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to create the most magical wedding story ever told!

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