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Why You Should Never DIY your Wedding Photography

Don’t get me wrong! I am all for DIY weddings. However, when it comes to photography and videography, you should absolutely make an exception. Let’s say you decide to create a beautiful and personal wedding that has all these small details that says something about you, and most importantly, you made it all! How much more personal can it get?! But then you decide to have a close family member who does amateur photography as a side hobby come and photograph your wedding day. Bad idea!

Let me make one thing very clear: Wedding photography is way more than just having a nice camera. Actually it is way more than even being a portrait, pets, or any other niche photographer. Wedding photography is a special beast that not every photographer out there is able to take on. It takes a tremendous amount of thinking on your feet, being flexible, being sociable to get along with everyone else at the wedding, oh and did I mention, being quick! A lot of the important moments happen in a heart beat and can also be missed in a heart beat, if left to the unprofessional.

Same applies to wedding videography. It is a profession, not a hobby. Sure you can ask the uncle with the nice camcorder to record your ceremony, but you will not be able to create a memorable cinematic experience that captures the true essence of your wedding day and how much effort you put into designing it.

So as much we love and cherish DIY weddings, please make sure to leave the wedding photography and wedding videography portions to the professionals. After all, you do want to be able to remember all the beautiful details of your wedding day as well as all the special moments that only a wedding photographer is trained to catch.

Happy planning!

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