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Why Add a Bridal Portrait Session to Your Wedding Photography Package

Bridal Portrait

Let’s talk about what a bridal session is first, since I get asked that question a lot:

In a bridal portrait session, you (the bride) get into your beautiful dress, get your hair and makeup done and we all go to a nice location and have a blast and shoot away some amazing photos of you! This all happens before your wedding day, preferably months in advance so that we can print a beautiful canvas for you and display it at your wedding reception.

Another important purpose of a bridal portrait session is so that you can do a trial run with everything: your wedding dress, hair, and makeup. In case there is any malfunctions or anything that needs to change, you’d much rather know it before your wedding day. I have had many brides change their hairdo or make up after their bridal portrait session. You can of course do a trial run on your own without actually doing a bridal portrait session, but keep in mind that you really want to know how you look in professional pictures, and that is simply not possible to achieve with a cell phone camera.

For your reference here is the link to our Lehigh Valley Bridal Portrait Session portfolio.

Happy planning and talk soon!


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