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How to Interview Your Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer?

Getting to know most of your available options for a vendor in Lehigh Valley is the first step. When it comes down to hiring a professional Lehigh Valley wedding photographer, it is essential to make sure he/she has a diverse wedding portfolio and has travelled enough. When you are looking to hire the best Lehigh Valley wedding photographer that will match your style and create a perfect wedding day experience, it is very important to know what questions to ask him/her and what exactly to look for to make sure you are a good fit for each other. Aside from having a diverse background in wedding photography, the rest of this list is very universal and can apply to wedding photographers in any region:

  1. FIRST and foremost, look at your prospective wedding photographer’s portfolio: Before you look at the prices, make sure you look at some of the wedding pictures that he/she has taken. Do they speak to your heart? Are they the kind of wedding pictures you would like to see yourself in?

  2. Second, look at his packages. Does the price sound reasonable? Is the price within your budget? Is your wedding photographer willing to customize a wedding photography package just for you?

  3. Now is the time to read up on some past reviews. Use 3rd party websites such as or to make sure you’re reading an authentic review from a real bride. Don’t just trust anything that your wedding photographer has personally published on his/her website (Unless he is embedding a small widget which automatically links to the 3rd party website; I use a widget that links directly to and gets updated live as my past brides leave me a review)

  4. Send your wedding photographer a message. If, and only if, the reviews have good things to say about your wedding photographer, then it is time to go ahead and contact him/her. Be sure to include your wedding date in the message that you send to your wedding photographer, so in case he is already booked on that day, he will let you know right away and that way you both save time.

  5. Always set up an in-person meeting, or if you are out of town, an online video chat will do. Never book your wedding photographer over just a phone conversation, unless you absolutely have no other choice. You, as well as the photographer, really want to know if you are a good match for each other at this point.

  6. Make sure to have all your questions written down and ask them during the interview with your wedding photographer.

  7. If you liked the wedding pictures you saw on your photographer’s portfolio, be sure and let them know when you meet. It goes a long way to know that your client appreciates your art and is not only there to nickel and dime on the price. (This one may even get you an easy discount if it is genuine and the photographer feels mutually compelled to be a part of your special day since you appreciate his art so much)

  8. Be sure to ask the photographer about the process of locking the date, and how long he/she will hold the date for you until you can gather the deposit/retainer fee. I typically hold the date for 48 hours after our interview, and after that it is open for whoever is ready to put down the deposit and reserve the date.

Lastly, I am in the process of putting together a list of questions for all of you wonderful brides out there to ask from your wedding photographer. Please check back in a few days.

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