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Full Guide on How to look gorgeous in wedding pictures-Part 3

Welcome back! Let’s continue on with our previous blog post on How to Look Amazing on your wedding pay pictures. For those of you who missed numbers 1-11, check them out at: How to look gorgeous in wedding pictures- Part 1 and Part 2.

And here we go again:

12) Don’t slouch, stand straight to look thinner

I know you are going to be tired, but it is absolutely essential to keep a good posture throughout the day. You are going to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders but keep them relaxed, laid back, and stand tall and straight. Not to mention this will make anyone look a few pounds less.

13) Turn slightly, weight on one foot, use your “good side”

I’m against posed images, but let’s face it, there will have to be some posing especially during the portrait session with your groom or wedding party after the ceremony. To make these look as natural as possible, turn your body slightly away from the camera, and shift your weight on one leg.

If you do have a “good side” make sure to let your photographer know so that he can position you accordingly. (Ideally you want your body to be slightly turned towards your groom, making sure your “good side” is featured while you do that.

14) Don’t press your arms to your body… or Do!

This is a tricky one that I see often. A lot of times brides read up online on “how to look your best for your wedding pictures” (as you are now!) and this one seems to come up frequently. Let me explain: It is a good idea to slightly have your arms away from your trunk so that your biceps and triceps aren’t pressed against your body, thereby making them look smaller. However, what you don’t want to do is look tensed up doing this (as if you are caught doing the chicken-dance) If you are going to follow this tip, then make sure your entire upper body, especially your shoulders are relaxed.

15) Hold the bouquet at the hips, not the chest:

It’s almost an instinct to hold an object in front of yourself, be it a drink, a piece of chocolate, or your wedding bouquet. When taking pictures make sure to avoid this habit. Bring down your bouquet and hold it at waist level. Trust me on this; it will make you look a lot better, and not like you’re hiding behind your bouquet.

16) Don’t drink too much

This goes without saying but please go easy on the alcohol throughout the night. This is especially important to go over with your wedding party. Make sure they are completely sober and able to follow direction, otherwise taking your group portraits will be a disaster.

17) Manicure

Also another easy fix: Get a manicure before any shoot with your photographer: engagement, bridal or your actual wedding day. I do get pretty up-close to your ring and hands to capture artistic detail shots and nothing will ruin those shots more than bad nails.

And that’s it for part 3 of these tips on How to look amazing in wedding pictures. Tune in again in a few days for the final section, part 4. As always if there is anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to shoot me a text or email. I’m always here to help.

-Robert Sadri is a Professional Wedding Photographer in Lehigh Valley, PA. Reach Robert Today at

-Robert Sadri

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