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Why Hire the Best Wedding Photographer in Lehigh Valley

Let’s face it, planning your wedding day is probably one of the most overwhelming tasks you’ve ever done, not to mention the most expensive. You’ve had to figure out who you wanted to invite to your wedding and who you wanted to leave out, go to the church or the venue and book a date, then dive into an ocean of wedding vendors out there. Next thing you know you’ve spent as much money, if not more, as a brand new car!

Well let’s say that you have picked the best caterer, or the best DJ, or the best florist in town, and now is the time to pick your wedding photographer. At this stage, a lot of people might be tempted to try and cut corners and lower their budget for wedding photography since they’ve already spent a fortune on the other vendors. But let’s hit the pause button for a second: Will you or your guests notice if you had hired the most expensive, famous caterer vs. just a great caterer? I would argue that more than half of your guests won’t even remember what they had for dinner at your reception a week later.

Another question: If you hire the most amazing florist to design and decorate your wedding, will you remember how beautiful they were years from now if your photographer isn’t able to capture the details of your wedding day as they are? Even the best wedding décor is going to look mediocre in a mediocre picture.

What I would like to suggest to you is: Don’t cut your budget when it comes to your wedding photographer. You can have the most amazing wedding, but if you don’t have the best wedding photographer hired to document your wedding day, years from now you will not be able to remember this very special day in the amazing and beautiful way that it was.

Now I am not saying that you should drop $10k on a wedding photographer who is more than anything, charging you for his “brand name”. Most popular wedding photographers in Lehigh Valley, PA who are AMAZING at what they do and also not so greedy, should charge you anywhere from $2000-4000 based on what you want included in your wedding collection (Wedding Book, Engagement Session, Bridal Portraits, etc). Have a look at your future wedding photographer’s portfolio first and make sure his style matches your style before looking at his/her wedding photography prices. This throws any judgment out the window and helps you chose the best wedding photographer that fits your style and budget. And always, always, always read the reviews on the third-party websites such as WeddingWire and TheKnot to be sure they are legitimate. I cannot emphasize this enough! I have seen and heard so many horror stories of brides who have come to me because their wedding photographer cancelled on them last minute, or their engagement photos turned out not so great with the other guy! A wedding photographer who is backed by official wedding networks such as WeddingWire and theKnot is far less likely to be unpredictable in an undesired way. Here at Twilight Photo Video LLC we are proud to have kept a track-record 5/5 stars on both of these websites since the establishment of our photography company, and backed by many happy brides!

I hope this has helped some of you out there in deciding who to hire for your wedding photography. I would naturally say: hire us! because I am confident that we will make your wedding day dream come true. But I will let you first look at our portfolio, second our prices, and third our stellar reviews, then decide for yourself!

If there is ever, ever any question that you feel like asking, drop me a line. I have years of experience in this industry and will be more than happy to help in any way I can.

Talk soon,

Robert Sadri

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