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Congrats to Rhiannon and Richard for Getting Featured in Texas!

How about we start off our week with some great news? Congrats to Rhiannon and Richard for getting Published! I was recently informed that their engagement shoot was accepted for being featured on "7 centerpieces," one of Texas' top wedding magazines and blogs, starting July. Thanks for your beautiful smiles and even more thanks for allowing me to be there and share your happy moments. with you.

Here is a little story about the two:

Rhiannon and Richard met on a diving trip while traveling in Columbia. Richard had just moved to Houston from Scotland and as it turns out, Rhiannon was in the process of moving to Houston from Vancouver, Canada! What are the odds for these two to come together from very different parts of the world and meet on vacation in Columbia, just to find out that they are both about to live in the same city?! They stayed in touch, and the rest is history!

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