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Wedding Photography Ideas: Dramatic Storytelling

When you look for your wedding photographer, more than affordability, be sure to look for his/her style. When I first met with my clients, Emily and John, I knew we immediately clicked. They were pretty much willing to try any ideas, as long as their wedding photos came out amazing. And so we did. For the most part I improvised the shoot as we went along, and the wedding party as well as the bride and groom were very cooperative. The results were truly stunning, so much that I still receive compliments from anybody who sees them. So I decided to dedicate this small post to showcase some of the shots and how we came about creating them in the moment. I hope that this will help anyone, photographer or bride and groom, who is looking for ideas for the wedding day.

John face was full of expressions and unspoken words, as he was getting ready . Nothing captures this moment better than this over-the-shoulder shot, right before the ceremony begins; as he looks at himself in the mirror to transform his nervousness into confidence, right before he sees the woman he has loved for so long, walk down the aisle in her white dress to say "I do".

As they were waiting for their entrance to the reception hall, I noticed John lighting up his cigarette. Immediately I thought: we can turn this into something dramatic! I knew that God Father movies have been one their favorites, and so with the help of the groomsmen, a lighter, a bottle of champaign, a dramatic off-camera flash from the side, and most importantly, the right expressions, we made it happen. This is been truly one of my personal favorites as well.

Their little daughter was the cutest of all. She acted like a grown up lady all through out the night. This moment is a testimony of that as she, oblivious to the camera, gracefully reads the magazine.

The rest of the night was full of emotions, fun and excitement moments, as well as some memorable guests who made such good candid opportunities for me.

Finally, another one of my favorites is this one. As guests left the ballroom to allow the bride and groom have one last dance, I took the opportunity to take one last shot through the door. It really depicts the intimacy that they have in the absence of everyone else, especially their photographer. I absolutely love capturing these moments.

Hopefully you found this post useful. Come back for more wedding photo ideas soon...

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