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New Years Eve Wedding at Glasbern Inn | Allentown, PA

Wedding on New Year’s Eve? Yes, please!

If you are wondering how that would work out, you can take a leaf out of this couple’s book. Lauren and Casey threw the most epic wedding party and it was spectacular! Everyone was in the festive vibe as well as celebrating love.

The perfect touch was the confetti that went off right at midnight.

Choosing the right light to set the mood can completely transform the ambiance. Just look at this couple and their intimate ceremony, it was truly enchanting with all the candles. When they started reading the vows they had prepared for each other, it beautifully completed the scene: Sharing their devotion while being surrounded by their favorite people. We also love how the candlelight made the moment even more romantic and precious, almost surreal!

If you are planning such a celebration in the New Years eve, we would definitely recommend hosting a countdown to Midnight just like this couple did. Make your unique spin and do something that reflects your personality. It can be a champagne pop with a fountain, confetti rain, some surprise – anything!

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