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Graduation Photos | Adventure at Lehigh University: History, Surprises, and Epic Shots!

I recently had a blast shooting a graduation portrait session at Lehigh University with Lesly. We explored the historic spots on the campus, wandered through iconic landmarks, and even stopped by the library. The photos turned out absolutely incredible! From the magnificent Linderman Library to the stately Alumni Memorial Building, every step we took felt like stepping back in time.

Lesly also wanted to incorporate her heritage and celebrate her Mexican roots during our photoshoot. For a few shots, she donned a vibrant Mexican flag, beautifully wrapped around herself. This powerful symbol not only showcased her academic success but also highlighted her cultural identity and the rich tapestry of her journey.

Towards the end of our photo session, comes the most unexpected part of the day. We had this grand plan to pop open a champagne bottle for an epic celebratory shot...but as it turns out that bottle had a mind of its own! It popped unexpectedly, surprising all of us. At the time I was walking towards the spot I had in mind to get the perfect angel I had in mind. When I heard the pop, I turned around and started snapping away, capturing the raw and genuine reaction of Lesly, who masterfully managed to go with the flow and keep the champagne droplets flying in the air for the photos. Although not what I had originally planned, these impromptu shots turned out to be absolute gems!

As a wedding photographer, you learn to embrace the unexpected. And that is why I love doing what I do. Years of capturing weddings have honed my instincts to appreciate and seize those unscripted moments. These shots serve as a reminder that sometimes the most remarkable moments arise from the unplanned. And that is the beauty of life's unpredictability.

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