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Winter Sunset Family Love: Sandor, Megan and their Newborn Son | Trexler Nature Preserve

I had the pleasure of capturing the love between Sandor, Megan and their newborn son in a breathtaking outdoor photo session. The session took place during a winter sunset, which provided a stunning backdrop for this beautiful family.

Despite the chilly winter air, Sandor and Megan's love kept them warm, and they radiated happiness throughout the entire session. As the sun began to set, the sky filled with warm hues of orange and pink, which added to the romance of the session. The love that they have for each other was truly heartwarming, and it was evident in every photo that we captured. They held each other close as they watched over their newborn son, who was soundly sleeping in their arms.

Towards the end of the session, I also captured some trendy blurry photos, which added a unique and romantic touch to the family portraits. These photos allow me to play with light and focus, creating a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere. I walked with Sandor and Megan as they held their newborn son, capturing these moments. Walking with them allowed me to capture their motion and emotion and added an authentic and personal feel to the session. It allowed them to interact naturally, and I was able to capture their genuine expressions. The result was a series of photos that truly reflect the family's love and warmth. It was a truly magical experience to witness such a pure and unconditional love between a family.

- Bob Sadri

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