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DVD’s are no longer... Say Hello to USBs for your Wedding Photos

Wedding photography and videography in El Paso have changed quite a bit in the recent years. Just like in any other industry, we have to constantly update ourselves make sure we can offer the latest and the greatest to our clients, be it 4k wedding videos, amazing aerial shots taken using a drone, or using a motorized 3-axis gimbal to capture super smooth shots. El Paso’s growing population has never had access to a professional quality wedding videographer like the folks in the bigger cities do, until we stepped in. I am going to dedicate a few more blog posts just focusing on the cool features and technical aspects of our wedding videography services and I hope that we can make a difference by teaching a few of our tips and tricks and introducing more El Paso videographers to these tools and how we use them to shoot weddings. So stay tuned for those future posts!

For now, I want to focus on another trend, more specifically in wedding photography. It was common in the past that we would burn a DVD and print a really nice DVD cover using the wedding photos we’d captured during the bride and groom’s real wedding. That was the product that we would proudly hand over to our bride, along with any other item they had ordered, such as wedding albums, prints, etc. But that all changed once Apple computers decided to do away with DVD-ROM’s in their computers. Nobody could use CD/DVD’s unless they had a PC computer, and that was less than half of our clients. So we adapted to meet the new demands.

To be honest, we weren’t a big fan of that old technology anyway. It took to long to burn a disk and they could get scratched or just after years of sitting in the closet, they could go bad.

Now it is much faster to transfer data (i.e. your beautiful wedding photos) onto a specially designed USB drive. And most importantly, they look AMAZING! Check out some of these babies below. We now include them with all of our wedding photography packages.

Unfortunately, [or fortunately] we are still stuck with DVDs and Blu-rays for wedding videos since that’s what most of our clients use to view their videos. But that too will soon change and we’ll be ready to upgrade, once again!

USB for Wedding Photography
USB for Wedding Photography

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