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Part 2- Samantha and Nick Wedding Photos, Ceremony and Portraits, El Paso TX

Being a wedding photographer is El Paso is absolutely the best job in world! I would almost never see these clouds anywhere in Houston. They look so good that you'd think they were photoshopped, but in fact they are as real as can be, and we made sure to use them while they were still in the sky.

As promised here are the next blog post on this beautiful wedding, shot last week. As I've mentioned before, my style is mainly photojournalism. Even when I pose my bride and grooms, I try to keep a sense of photojournalism around and tell a story or add an element of drama. Check out these beautiful memories captured in these wedding photos. Walking down the aisle with parents, groom seeing his bride for the first time, and don't forget the guests and the bridal party!

If you haven't already done so, be sure to check out Part1: Getting Ready and Part 3: Wedding Reception in El Paso for more photos from this amazing wedding. We also had an amazing engagement session with them over at White Sands!

Church: Our Lady of Guadalupe, El Paso, TX.

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